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wordpress web design

While there are various technologies upon which a website can be built, the most versatile and easily managed is WordPress. Suitable for personal or commercial websites with low or high frequency of updates, for websites serving static or dynamic information and for those looking to sell online. We serve clients with many technologies under our roof, however we often recommend WordPress as the most suitable platform.

what we build

static sites

A light weight development methodology using HTML files, with bootstrap technology, CSS, JS and several other styles of coding. Each one of the html files are a single physical page of the website. This type of website requires basic knowledge in HTML5, CSS and JS to maintain it yourself.

when to use html?

This type of website is used when a light weight website is required, when no frequent updates exist, when server ad bandwidth resources are the minimum.
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dynamic sites

Dynamic websites consist of technologies such as PHP to build a web page when a visitor browses a specific link. When a visitor clicks a dynamic link, the server collects the information required to create a visual of the page and builds the page at that moment on the visitors browser.

why wordpress?

A website with dynamic technology is used when a client requires technologies that provide security, versatility and the ability to be self managed.
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ecommerce sites

eCommerce or electronic commerce is when the buying and selling of goods and services, tangible or intangible, happens over the internet between consumers and businesses. Technologies varies on the specific requirement of the business model being implemented.

selling online?

An eComerce site is used for the purpose of selling goods and services over the internet. With the ability to accept payments via varios modes of cashless transactions.
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what we look into

The internet has revolutionized the mode of communication and conducting commerce across the globe by allowing various computer networks, used by individuals and businesses, around the world to interconnect. As of 2020, approximately 4.5 billion people, or more than half of the world’s population are estimated to have access to the Internet.

Creating your website within the ideal parameters of good design and usability are critical to the success of your goals. Hence when we take on a project, we look into various aspects of the final delivery;

what we serve

We develop websites to suit your personal or business goals. Development of the website is a two way process from the design phase up until deployment. Various technologies such as HTML5, Java Scripting, PHP and much more to develop responsive websites for your business needs. Maintaining high web standards, coding practices to build a user interface to ensure a refined experience for your customers.

Get your own personalized domain and an email address to suit your style, business, or even for your group use. Various third parties are available for subscription as well as integration with apps such as Google Workspace. Domains and emails are also an inclusive service in the web development package or the hosting and SSL package available. POP3, IMAP, SMTP, SSL and Web mail services are included in the package.

Web hosting packages and SSL Certifications are provided as a standard service along with our websites by using third party service providers in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Hosting and SSL packages are maintained office on behalf of your business throughout the period of our service agreement. Various packages are available based on the specific requirement of your website and services required.