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Configuring domains and Managing NS + DNS Records

A detailed introduction to domains, NS's & DNS's.

Setting up hosting, SSL Certificates and emails

Work on hosting servers, SSL Certificates and emails.

Designing Websites using the WordPress CMS Platform

Building a website with essentials and a shopping cart.

Assuring Web Security & Scanning for Malware

A general guide to keeping your website safe and secure.

Installing & Configuring Website Analytics

The process of setting up analytics and the study of user behavior.

Creating & integrating social media profiles

Synergy by integrating social media platforms and websites.

Setting up website messaging services

Live chat, FB Messenger and WhatsApp for Websites.

Website Indexing, Submission and SEO Tools

Getting your website onto the most popular search engines.


Workshop Details

Web Development

A comprehensive workshop on building of websites using the CMS called “WordPress” for dynamic websites with static or variable contents. By the end of this workshop you will be able to build your own designs rapidly.

  • Introduction to Web Design.
  • Web Design as a Business.
  • Cost of Development
  • Pricing Strategies and Sales.
  • Managing Multiple Client Accounts.
  • A domain and it’s infrastructure.
  • Working with Domain management servers.
  • What it takes to host a website.
  • Malware and Server Security.
  • Securing server client communication.
  • Intro to WordPress Development.
  • Flexibility of design and third party service integration.
  • Building Simple Pages & Structures.
  • Templates and Building Blocks.
  • Fundamentals of a Dynamic Website.
  • Introduction to WooCommerce Development.
  • The cost of eCommercet.
  • Technical building methods for Simple & Variable Products.
  • Templates and Building Blocks.
  • The standard eCommerce pages and process flow
  • Collecting Payments using IPG’s.

Workshop Schedules