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About Us

Giosol is primarily a Solutions Architecture firm founded by a wealth of knowledge across a wide array of industries. We love to serve pre start up, start up, small & medium scaled companies looking to establish, grow and convert their digital presence across multiple web and social media platforms. The inspiration driving Giosol to fulfill our client requirements is the constant growth attained by the acquisition of knowledge and data across a multitude of industries.


what we do

giosol it services


Web Development

We develop websites to suit your personal or business goals. Development of the website is a two way process from the design phase up until deployment. Various technologies such as HTML5, Java Scripting, PHP and much more to develop responsive websites for your business needs. Maintaining high web standards, coding practices to build a user interface to ensure a refined experience for your customers.

Domains & Emails

Get your own personalized domain and an email address to suit your style, business, or even for your group use. Various third parties are available for subscription as well as integration with apps such as Google Workspace. Domains and emails are also an inclusive service in the web development package or the hosting and SSL package available. POP3, IMAP, SMTP, SSL and Web mail services are included in the package.

Web Hosting & SSL

Web hosting packages and SSL Certifications are provided as a standard service along with our websites by using third party service providers in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Hosting and SSL packages are maintained office on behalf of your business throughout the period of our service agreement. Various packages are available based on the specific requirement of your website and services required.

Account Management

The process of building and managing multiple social business profiles can be tedious and time consuming. Diverting time away from functional and operational functions of your business can be a heavy cost. To make things easier on your operations we have partial and turnkey solutions to building and managing your social media platforms. We have numerous packages to fit the budget of individuals, start ups and small businesses.

Content Creation

The list of items under content creation is extensive. Ranging from simple to complex work. Graphic design for print or digital, Social media post creation in dimensions for multiple platforms, Content writing with research, and SEO content rewriting optimized with keyword and phrase research. While understanding client requirements, each job is undertaken with strict adherence to required turnaround, timelines as well as budgetary requirements.

Digital Marketing

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing across multiple platforms, the accrued knowledge is at your disposal. Digital advertising over Facebook, Instagram, Audience Networks, Google Ads, TikTok as well as multiple other ad platforms is undertaken in order to expand your brand awareness and generate leads for your business. Each business receives a study of their potential demography prior to ad campaign commencement.

Social Media Workshop

A workshop on the sustainable development of internal resources within your own company in order to maximize output for management at the most efficient cost. Considering the cost of management, various aspects of social media management can be brought under your own roof. This workshop helps you discover the methodologies involved in splitting tasks across internal resources in order to reduce expenditure while carrying out needed tasks.

FB & IG Ads Workshop

One of the key requirements for a business dwells in the activities carried out by the market base on a business account. With the concept that a thousand useful conversions are better than a high engaging bounce rate, this advertising workshop covers the largest social platforms and their audience networks. The training will include hands on, practical advertising creation, editing and chronological management across an ad campaigns timeframe.

Web Design Workshop

There are well over 1.3 billion websites on the internet, and this is growing at a steep rate due to the introduction of new businesses and also digitizing of existing businesses. Out of which approximately 455 million websites use WordPress as a Content Management System. Be it Static, Dynamic or Ecommerce websites. This workshops revolves around the building of websites using WordPress as a CMS based web development framework.

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